I had already decided I wasn’t going to the gym today. I just really didn’t want to. I didn’t like the workout that was posted and I simply wasn’t feeling it. I certainly don’t cherry pick my workouts, but Saturdays are usually rest days. I will go on Saturdays if my schedule was wonky during the week or I am feeling exceptionally gluttonous, but a lot of times it is our day to chill. Our children are older, so my husband and I get to sleep in a bit, there is always a trip to the donut shop (most of the time I refrain), and the kids play all morning while we mill about the house. I enjoy these Saturday mornings. So I had already decided I was not going to the gym. However, I wanted to do something active. I did have a little motivation, and wanted to capitalize on it.

Here is what I did: I got up, put on my running shoes, and ran my neighborhood. Now, those of you who know me have your jaw on the floor right now. Those of you who don’t, and have not read the previous 485 times I have said I hate running, let me tell you something: I HATE RUNNING. Really I am not a big fan of cardio, but I really hate running. It may be the fact that the only think I think about while I am running is that I a hate running. But, it’s true.

So, why did I put on my running shoes this morning? Because I needed to move. My body needed to be active for a small space in time. I wasn’t out to set records, or win races. I wasn’t out to make this my new Saturday morning thing. I just needed to get my heart rate up, breathe (or hyperventilate) some air, and move my body. I feel so much better when I do that. It’s not about how fast I move, because Lord Almighty, this was sloooow. I do not move fast, but it’s who I am. Also, let me tell you a little secret; I walked a little bit too. I completed 2 miles, and walked half of a mile. I work out 5 days a week, and have for five years, and I did not run a complete 2 miles. I probably could if I had to. I have done it before, but I didn’t, and that’s ok.

You see, you don’t have to be the best when you start something. You don’t have to be able to run a mile, or even 400 meters when you start. Just move your body. No one starts out great. Hell, no one starts out good. You wake up, you put on your shoes, and you move. So, today I did. Am I going to do it every Saturday? Probably not. Am I going to try to incorporate it more to my routine? Yes. More for the fact that I need to because I am dying in the gym, and I want to. But, if you are sitting at home right now, and feel like you need to do something. Do it. You will feel so much better afterward.

For now, I am finally done sweating from the run, and I need to convince my children to change out of their pajamas, as it is almost noon. I’ll leave you with this: not to be all cliché or anything, but it just takes one step. To quote Nike: “Just Do It.”