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It’s that time of year again! The time we sit down to reflect on what the last year looked like. The time we sit down to wonder what the next year will hold. In the midst of reflection we see our joys and triumphs, but we also see those things that didn’t quite work out for us. We get to decide what things we want to tackle in the upcoming year. In the world of CrossFit, this could be a long list of movements, weights, and times. Whatever it is you are working on, the time is now!

Everyone needs to set a goal. They can be big goals, they can be little goals, but they need to be there. The difference between the exercisers and the athletes are that athletes have goals. We are CrossFitters. We are athletes. So, what are you working on? Have you finally figured out  the form of a clean and jerk, and now it’s time to add some weight? Do you watch butterfly pull-ups with ravenous envy? Is it time to throw your hat into the competition ring? Whatever it is, you need to sit down and make a list of things you want to accomplish. Here’s the catch though, you can’t just make a list. There are certain components to making a goal list. That’s what separates it from a wish list.

When you sit down to decide on your goals, you will have two types: short term and long term. You are going to have some goals that you only need a month to work on them, and others you are going to work all year, or maybe even longer. It is important to break them up into sections, and work on a few things at once. Come in to the gym every day and work on a set skill. Once that is accomplished, move on to the next thing. You want to make sure that you break them up into manageable chunks. The reason most goals are not accomplished is because we get overwhelmed with the process. By distinguishing between short term and long term, you have a more directed focus and a more direct path to accomplishing those goals.

Goals have time limits. In CrossFit, we live and die by the clock. Goal setting is no different. It is really easy to say you want to add 20 pounds to your snatch. What does that mean? Some time in the next twelve months? Put a date on it. By June 30th I will snatch X pounds. This puts some pressure on you to accomplish it. It gives you a point to focus on. It gives you drive. If that goal doesn’t get mastered by the time you set on it, not big deal. Make a better plan, change the date and keep working. Without a time limit or a set date, it makes it really easy to push it back and not work on it. Know that date is looming out there, and crush the goal before time expires.

Accountability is key to tackling a goal list. You can make a list and tuck it in your underwear drawer and move on. If no one knows what your goals are, no one will know if you don’t accomplish them, right? Don’t be that guy. Share your goals with your friends, with your trainers, with the gym! The good news is, 918 CrossFit is bringing back the goal board! In our new space we will have the goals board posted for each month. Write your goal up there, and ask for your gym-mates to hold you accountable. Not only does it give you someone to answer to, but it give you a whole mess of people to celebrate with when that goal gets erased off the board!

As with anything we do in the gym, we want to be effective and efficient. Set goals that are realistic, manageable, and challenging. Push yourself to new levels, and hold yourself accountable. Face your goals with excitement, determination, and honesty. Now, go make that list, and this time next year you will be astounded by what you can do.