I’ve been thinking all week about writing. The problem is I don’t really have one specific thing on my mind. That, and the fact that I had one really big, heavy post last week, I’m trying to be light this week! One thing I do well is make lists. I generally have a to do list wherever I go. It’s just the way my brain works. If I don’t have a list, things don’t get done. True story. So, today you get a list of all the marvelous things that are on my mind. Enjoy!

1. Cleaning.

Fun, right? I used to LOVE cleaning the house. That was back when we had a 1400 square foot house and no children. There was really nothing to clean then. A little wiping of dust and toothpaste and we were good. Then I gave birth to two destroyers of all things clean. Since I started working part time this year, I had planned on spending my time cleaning during the week so I didn’t have to spend 4 hours on a Saturday. That was the plan. You know what happened? There is stuff on TV! No need to worry! Thanks to the handy-dandy invention, Pintrest, I found a schedule! (How did we ever live without Pintrest? I mean, what did we eat?) It’s cleaning in a list! Right up my alley. I’m halfway through the first week. It’s like I’m a veteran at this… So far it has been successful. Let’s hope this continues.

2. OSU Basketball.

Depressing right now. No fun at all. First, let me say this: I am a fan. Always have been and I always will be. No fair weather here. I cheer through the good seasons and the nasty, dirty, ugly ones. This year would be the latter. We had such high hopes. We were killing it until the end of December. Apparently, all of our talent was wrapped up in Michael Cobbins’s achilles. All of that said, a wonderful person, whom you may follow here, gave my family tickets to Bedlam this weekend. The boys were pumped. We donned our orange, our pride, and headed out the door. The team played well. It’s was great. Until it wasn’t. We’ve lost so many. Most of them by just a few points. It’s heart breaking. Adding salt in the wounds, the 2004 Final Four team was honored at the game. All those glorious highlights reminded us of how great it could be. The elation of winning. They joy of hope. The happiness of championships. Then it all came crashing down. I donned my orange again on Monday, and will again on Saturday. It’s what we do. We are loyal.

3. The Next Big Idea

After our heartbreaking loss on Saturday, my husband and I drowned our sorrows in cheese fries. Too full to do anything else, we rented a movie and tried to let the food digest. We finally watched The Social Network (yes, we are behind the times). Good flick, but it has haunted me. Yes, he’s a very smart man, no doubt, but just one simple idea and he’s a billionaire. BILLION. With a B! For months, really years if I am honest, I have been searching for a story to write. My goal is to write a book. Fiction, as I am not that interesting to write nonfiction. I want a character who is average. As  you know, that’s kind of a theme for me. It seems though that all of the average people that often frequent the protagonist role do these really extraordinary things. Katniss grabs a bow and starts a rebellion. Harry Potter grabs a wand and takes down a dark lord. Bella Swan, well, does nothing, but I haven’t had any dreams of sparkly vampires like Stephanie Meyer did, so I’m out. I have no idea what I want my seemingly average protagonist to do. Mark Zuckerburg was drunk and came up with his idea. Me, not so much. The best idea I have had while under the influence was to make Mac and Cheese. Again, true story. So, I’m waiting for inspiration to strike. Any day now.

So, while I wait, I will clean my house, cheer on my Cowboys, and write this blog. Lucky you! If you have an idea for me to write about, send it to me. I’ll share my profits with you. It seemed to work well for that Eduardo guy that helped found Facebook.