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I didn’t have much to do today but lay around and rest, so I thought I would explain the title of this blog. I have had a few questions, so explain I must!

I have always thought of myself as average. I’m average height, average weight, average hair, average appearance. Average. I don’t think of this as necessarily a bad thing, but nothing about me was ever really extraordinary. I’m not too big, not too small; not too short, not too tall; not too rich (is there such a thing), not too poor. I’m just right. I can really identify with Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

My name is even average (sorry Mom). First name and last name. There was even someone in my average sized high school with the same name. There were six at the doctor’s office, which was fun when the doctor called the wrong one with test results. I was always friends with the popular kids. I was in the inner circle, just one step on the outside of it. People knew my name, and were friendly to me, but I was not the main attraction, if you follow me. Anyway, as I said, nothing about me has ever really stood out. I’m sure my parents and my husband would come in saying something to the contrary, but they are supposed to, right? Honestly though, this isn’t a self-loathing, poor me kind of thing. It’s just the way it has been.

Well, somewhere in the self-discovery phase of my life I like to call my thirties, I realized, it doesn’t have to be this way, and it certainly isn’t supposed to be this way. Why do I have to be comfortable? Some may even call it complacent. I desire more out of life, and frankly, I was called by God to be more in life. Now, I’m not talking climb Mount Everest, buy a Porsche, go skydiving, mid-life crisis type of stuff. I enjoy risk, more so recently than ever in my life, but I’m not out to conquer the world. I simply want more for myself and my family.

The most extreme thing I have done in my life has been joining CrossFit. Sure, it’s a crazy fitness regime, but not really that adventurous! Since the start of that fitness endeavor, now two and a half years into the journey, I have started taking more risks, or stabs at awesomeness. I took surfing lessons. Again, not jumping off the side of a crane exciting, but something I never would have done before. I quit my job. More for my sanity and the sanity of my family, but adventurous nonetheless. I wanted more than it was providing me, and I took steps to doing what I have always wanted to do, which is teach at the college level and write. So, here I am.

Life can be a grind. Get up, do work, eat dinner, spend a few quick minutes with our loved ones, go to sleep, repeat. We all have things that have to be done. I’m certainly not saying I am abandoning my responsibility or my daily life. What I am saying is that average is not a destination. I don’t have to be average. I can be extraordinary, awesome, amazing. Even if it’s in my own eyes and no one else’s. I am tired of looking at other people’s lives and saying, “Wow. That would be cool.” I am capable of everything anyone else is. So, I’m jumping off the proverbial cliff. I’m diving into a chance to be awesome, so my tombstone doesn’t read, “Everything was perfectly average.” Screw average. Let’s set the world on fire. You in?